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Investing in everyday fine jewelry has always made the most sense. It's the kind of fashion investment you can make use of not only daily, but indefinitely. Other fashion investments have some sort of shelf life or limitations, especially to the frequency of use. Leather goods, denim, outerwear and footwear, for instance, can realistically only be worn so many times each week or month. Those pearls, diamond ring stack, gold hoops or personalized pendant, however, you'll never take off. 

Affordable everyday fine jewelry makes even more sense. Aurelie Gi is one of those jewelry brands that offers everyday fine pieces that are actually affordable, which is rare. This brand is the key to durable and accessible forever pieces. 

When it comes to investing in forever pieces, you can never go wrong if you choose with intention. The right pieces will get everyday wear through the decades, like a personalized initial for a loved one, a thoughtful charm to represent a favorite memory or hobby, or a design that encompasses your individual style. With intention, the right pieces will become a part of your identity. 

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Made from only high quality materials of solid gold, diamonds and genuine gemstones that are made to last. 


Fair and honest pricing, always. A few of my favorites… 

Birdie Diamond Puffed Cushion Earring Charm: $45 

Ella Ear Threaders: $199

Vogue Triple Diamond Band: $219 


Minimalist designs that offer real versatility as stand alone pieces or stackable additions to a collection:

Monica Single Diamond Bar Stud. 

Frost Curved Diamond Ring.

Clover Diamond Studs.


New collections launch seasonally, giving the brand a continual sense of variation and originality. 


Personalized pieces that offer identity, connectivity and meaning to your everyday collection. 


Female founded and powered, through and through. 



Sustainable business model with an emphasis on recycled materials and gemstones. One of my favorites...

Camila Topaz Threader Earrings.


Aurelie Gi has a clear mission to inspire and empower women to stand up for themselves and others. You can see this vision in each collection and campaign.


#MyTrendMySay is about so much more than just fine jewelry.

If you're looking to add to your everyday collection, use code "Alessandra15" for 15% any order on

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